Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sorry This Took So Long

This one comes to us courtesy of The Original Beefstu.

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Comin Up On It.

With glasses so full of nostalgia it is hard not to get choked up.
Memories kept alive by the people who are not.
Tales told and fates resolved.
Hearts warmed by a past burning bright as the present.

And yet we're all coming up on it.
Every day closer, every day becoming more folklore.

Overwhelming joy and camaraderie even through a lack of understanding.
Glimpses of a great history repeating itself.
Time has locked the away even the most ardent gavel.
You know you would stop lauging if you could.

And yet we're all coming up on it.
Every day closer, every day becoming more folklore.

The Miked

Copyright 2009 Dunbridge Truckstop Global Media

Five Songs

Today's songs happen to all be but The Tragically Hip.

"Throwing Off Glass"
"Fully Completely"
"The Luxury" - For Beth S
"Silver Jet"
"Grace, Too"

Look em up and enjoy.

Merry Christmas

The Miked

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thank Your Fathers Evolver.

As a person tries to grow, provided they do want to grow as a person, do we try to hold on to the past? Maybe we should hold on to different bits and pieces so that we are reminded not to make the same mistakes again? Maybe we should forgot the past and only concentrate our efforts on the future and progressing forward.

There are certain aspects of my past that I really do enjoy peeking in on from time to time. Yet there are other parts of my past that I know are best tucked away and left alone.

Recently I had a little piece of my past thrust into my face and although it was only slightly unpleasant it really cemented to me that deep down I really can make excellent character judgments. It also lets me see that sometimes right or wrong my actions can have an impact on other people lives. I know people are not perfect and we all make mistakes and for me leaving these people in the past was the way I chose to deal with the problem. I think it is what we choose to do with these experiences it what ultimately allows room for growth.

This leads me to the question: Can all be forgiven and can the past change and become part of the future again. OK so this is really two questions but I make the rules here. Can people change? Can your past become part of your future? I am going to have to chew on this a little more. I think I really know the answers to these questions in this particular case. But wonders never cease!

The Miked

5 Songs

Today's 5 songs:
"OK" - Local H
"Hook In Her Head" - Throwing Muses
"Rapture" - Pedro The Lion
"Right In Two" - Tool
"Stigmata" - Ministry



Friday, December 4, 2009

A Little Something New

This is a new series here at The Truckstop called 5 Songs to Work Out To. I am going to list the 5 songs that I worked out to and you can feel free to comment or list songs that inspire you to move.

Today's 5 were:

"Ocean Size" - Janes Addiction
"Tic" - Helmet
"Milquetoast" - Helmet
"Suicide Machine" - Hum
"Civil War" - Guns n Roses

The Miked