Friday, July 31, 2020

The Grande Scheme of Things........

...So I may have forgotten that it takes all kinds.  That even with a common bond as Americans we all have differing opinions and come at things with a little different perspective.  

It seems that with times as the are and uncertainty unfolding right in front of us we find it increasingly hard to remember what to care about.

It doesn't matter to me if you think that this virus was released by China as a way to thin the herd, it doesn't matter to me if you think that this was a plot by the democrats to sway the election, it doesn't matter what conspiracy theory you subscribe to.  What matters to me is how we move forward.  

I sort of see both sides of the coin here but my perspective is changing.  I realize the math is on my side, but still.  I did ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I don't always wear a seat belt. While I will admit that the motorcycle thing was more about me not caring if I lived or died at that particular time in my life, the seat belt thing is more about cars and trucks not being built around someone that's larger than the average bear, but I'm working on that.

I will be the first to admit that I don't want to upset my life because of a menace I can't see.  The thought of wearing a mask to conduct daily business makes the inherent rule breaker in me cringe.  But as I have gotten older I have come to cherish the time spent walking upright a lot more than I used to.  Also, as much as I love a good adventure I am not looking to take a ride in a bed that flips my fat ass over every so often so I don't drown in my own mung. (I used the technical term mung strictly for my late mother's benefit) This leads me wondering why there are points of view contrary to self preservation.  

Wearing a mask is not cool, I get that.  If yours has to have a skull on it or make you look like your smoking a cigar or has some message of protest on it I get it.  I'm frustrated too. But this is unprecedented in my lifetime.  I have never been a part of anything like this, but I want to be there on the other side. I want to see where that leads us. I want Steak-O-Rama's again.  I want to be able to opine via mediums such as this and avenues yet explored.

There has to be some latitude.  I am not talking head in the sand, full blinders engaged, apathy, but maybe we could all agree that this situation is ever changing. Sure you could argue changing for the better, but hardly over.  Mistakes are going to be made.  People are going to make decisions that we are all not going to agree on.  Sure the mainstream news is twenty-five minutes of panic followed up by five minutes of feel good recovery stories. I don't think that in any story (even this one) you ever get the full truth.  We have all seen the school kids in line where the front of the line is told one thing and told to pass it to the person behind them.  By the time it reaches the last person it is about seventy percent of what was first conveyed. My point, the truth is somewhere in the middle.