Monday, July 13, 2009


Those of you that have spent any amount of time around me you know how serious I can be. Also I am not bitching here just making an observation. Some time ago some great friends gave me a sign in book for my bathroom. It is a humorous book with a space for comments and anecdotes. I recently leafed though the pages of the book and read the comments. I could not believe how the comments were seriously related to bathroom oriented tasks. SERIOUSLY!!! Notes like "just tinkled" and "sorry for the smell". I was a little disappointed. I was sort of hoping for things like "its a boy" or "sorry about the mess". But alas it has not happened.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Of Mice And More Paradoxes.....

It is funny that I find myself growing older and reflecting on my life's experiences and I seem directly drawn to the parties and good times and the debauchery and the general shenanigans that went on and it is like a dream. It is so far back and so long ago that I have trouble remembering who that person even was. But the common denominator was always alcohol. It was everywhere and we were encouraged to consume ad nauseum. Alcohol for me was just a tool. It was the grease that lubed up an already twisted mind. I can prove this because I have done equally stupid shit stone cold sober. It is now that I have to contemplate the life and times of a college freshman and how the times have changed, or have they? Seems alcohol is still a very important piece of the puzzle, yet our society has gone bonkers in protecting (as if) people under the age of 21 from the grips of alcohol. For me the great paradox here is that I have had some really great times with alcohol, and I believe that it is part of coming of age. (not just 21) I still will never understand how you can go to war and loose your life for this country but you don't have the responsibility to have a beer. This said, I have also witnessed first-hand the negative effects of alcohol and would never encourage someone to start drinking. Life seems full of contradictions like this. I guess I am just fortunate enough to have come out the other side alive and healthy.


Monday, July 6, 2009

As Fat Albert used to say...

I am like school in the summertime. NO CLASS! I wish I could say that but the fact remains that we here at the Dunbridge Truckstop have been putting muchos muchos time towards higher education. I am all for the pursuit of higher academia but it is amazing how much of your time this garners. I apologize for not being more up to date with happenings around the Truckstop but such is the case.


Man You Give Great....

Back rubs..... I would like to thank the Village idiot in Uptown Maumee Ohio for providing yet another fun filled outing with the rollers. We made fast friends and even faster enemies (thanks Ian). Ah sweet alcohol. Sorry that we could not stab the guy in the top photo before he stuck his face in the picture, but that is just the sort of evening it was. As you can see these ladies have had enough alcohol so that they didn't even realize they were talking to us. They'll feel that in the morning.