Saturday, June 20, 2020

In the name of your father.....

Its father's day...

For some of you it is about the donation of half.  For others, it is the day set aside to foster a relationship forged in a lifetime.

For me it is about reflection and letting go.  Really letting go of the grief and the the anger I harbor because my parents both passed away to soon.  Anger that they never got to meet my wonderful wife and her family.  I believe they would have meshed quite well.  Grief for the little things, the unannounced pit stop style pissings in my driveway.  The unsolicited yet somehow riveting deep philosophical discussions with my mother.  Questioning her faith, all the while testing it.  Way to immature to understand the difference.

I sometimes find myself locked in reflection, there were so many good times.  There were bad times, but they only reminded us how great the good times are.  

Without knowing it I was surrounded in faith.  I have lost mine of the last couple of years.  I can now see the value.  I am not just talking about your chosen religion I am talking about faith in yourself and faith in the ones that love you that comes along for the ride. 

To often we are hard on ourselves for lives little proclivities and the things that cause us anxiety.  I have learned to forgive myself,  I sometimes forget to do that.  But as faith in myself creeps back in it becomes more apparent.  Faith in ourselves and one another is the glue that holds everything near and dear together.  I forgot about that for a while.  

As I reflect back on my wonderful parents and the lives they created for my brother and I can see the importance of the faith my parents must've had for themselves and each other.  I need to give my self and my wife a little more credit.  My parents too for that matter.  They are after all the one's who paved the way.

So whatever your father's day situation I ask you to consider a little faith, wherever you find it.  Maybe it's right there in a hug, maybe it's just behind the forgiveness, maybe you are lucky enough to clank a glass together and break some bread, doesn't matter just seek out some faith.  It's there if you want it.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  Enjoy your day.


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